提供直傳靈氣課程及治療 Reiki Seminar and Treatments

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About the instructor

Nerissa studied Accounting and Finance when she was in university, and worked in one of the Big-four audit firms over a decade. She has suffered from slipped disc in the past, and understands there is nothing more important than living happily and healthily. By chance, Nerissa learnt reiki and other spiritual healing modalities, and also knew her life purpose is to help other people. She has set up Radiant Love Center, and provides Reiki training and other courses to promote the wholeness of body, mind and spirit.  The center also provides other spiritual healing and ascension services.

Nerissa teaches reiki because Jikiden Reiki (Usui Reiki – Japanese Lineage) reinforces its original form of simplicity. After the learners take Shoden course, they can do healing to themselves and others in any time and any places. There is no need to do any other forms of training or other kind of studies. It also does not use our own energy (‘chi’) nor would attract negative energies from recipients. It can be used for healing discomforts or as a supplementary therapy to serious illnesses or long term diseases in additional to the traditional medical treatments, in order to enhance recovery or to maintain state of healthiness. Nerissa has also practiced Usui Reiki (western lineage) and other forms of reiki. She also practices other spiritual healing modalities regarding body alignments and health. Based on her knowledge and experiences in both Japanese and western lineage of reiki, she is actively involved in promoting Reiki as a natural healing tool, which is possessed by every one of us.

Qualifications and study include:

– Jikiden Reiki® (Usui Reiki – Japanese Lineage)
– Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master(Western Lineage)
– Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki Master
– Karuna Reiki® Master
– Qigong
– Certified Hypnotherapist with IMDHA
– Clinical Hypnotherapist with AIAP
– Aura analyst
– DNA activation practitioner (King Solomon Lineage)
– Timeline therapy
– NLP Practitioner
– Emotional Freedom Technique
– Mystery School
– Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner
– Spiritual Restructuring Practitioner
– Certified Angel Practitioner
– Animal Communication and Energy Healing
– Crystal Singing Bowl Therapy
– Certificate of Image Consultancy
– Fellow of the HKICPA

Other workshops:

– pendulum dowsing workshop
– spoon bending workshop
– modern meditation workshop
– law of attraction workshop

Spiritual healing and services:

– Spiritual consultation <Details>
– Aura and Chakra photo and analysis <Details>
– Energy healing <Details>
– Emotional/psychological treatment <Details>
– Past Life Regression <Details>
– Life Activation (previously known as “DNA Activation”) <Details>
– Spiritual Response Therapy and Spiritual Restructuring<Details>

(Note: Karuna Reiki® is a registered trademark of ICRT)


Seminar Schedule

Shoden (first teaching) (3 sessions to be completed in two sessions, one three-hour session and one five-hour session, usually in two consecutive days): course content [details]

English Class – include 2 sessions:

Please call us for next Shoden class schedule as English classes are usually arranged based on request.

For classes conducted in Cantonese, please refer to 課程日期.

Okuden (2 sessions to be completed in one day or two half-day sessions): course content [details]

Okuden class will be arranged upon request from those who completed Shoden Class.

If the above days do not fit into your schedule, please feel free to contact us to see what we can arrange for you. You can also arrange your own group (minimum of two people), please feel free to contact us for details.

Venue: 16/F Jing Long Commercial Center, 52 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay (Radiant Love Center)

Enquiry and registration

五戒 Five Principles


Shoufuku no hihoo The secret method of inviting happiness 招福之秘技
Manbyo no ley-yaku The spiritual medicine for all diseases (of body and mind). 所有(身心)疾病之靈丹妙藥
Kyo dake wa
Shinpai suna
Kansha shite
Gyo hage me
Hito ni shinsetsu ni
Just for today
Do not be angry
Do not be worried
Be grateful
Do your duties fully
Be kind to others

Seminars – schedule


Date: 11 June 2011 (Sat)  7:00pm – 10pm and 12 June (Sun) 10am – 6pm (2 sessions)

Fee:  HK$2,900

To register, please call 2838 2988 or email us jikidenreikihk@gmail.com

We also arrange classes for group with minimum of two people or above or weekday seminars. Please contact us on 2838 2988 or email us jikidenreikihk@gmail.com for details.



The secret method of inviting happiness 招福之秘技
The spiritual medicine for all diseases (of body and mind). 所有(身心)疾病之靈丹妙藥
Just for today
Do not be angry
Do not be worried
Be grateful
Do your duties fully
Be kind to others
The founder Usui Mikao 創立人 臼井甕男

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have read books claiming there are no successors of Reiki in Japan.

  • There are, Mr Yamaguchi, the founder of Jikiden Reiki, has been practicing it for over 35 years and his mother practiced for over 65 years.

Q: What made Mr Yamaguchi to start Jikiden Reiki Seminars?

  • Some Reiki masters who promote Western Reiki in Japan recommended that he do it. They wanted Mr Yamaguchi to disseminate the original ideas of Reiki from Japan, its birthplace, to as many as possible all over the world. He and his mother decided to replicate Dr. Hayashi’s seminars as closely as possible.

Q: Is it different from Western Reiki?

  • Mr Yamaguchi believes Reiki spread in the world today was transformed dramatically when it was introduced to the West. He doesn’t mean that Reiki in the West is wrong or ineffective but he has an urge to introduce the original simple Reiki which is very effective in treating physical problems and great ideas behind it.
  • The content taught in Jikiden Reiki is different from that taught is Western Reiki, so we would not like to make any comparison.
  • All teachers and assistant teachers need to repeat attending seminars and the required training, and all teachers are attuned by Mr Yamaguchi himself, in order to ensure the seminars are taught in same way as delivered by different Jikiden Reiki teachers, i.e., the way that Ushi and Dr Hayashi taught.
  • Jikiden reiki also has distance healing, but there is no “distance attunement” in Jikiden reiki.
  • All prices for Jikiden reiki seminars in different countries are approved by Jikiden Reiki headquarter in Japan.

Q: I am a Western Reiki teacher. Is it possible for me to join Jikiden Reiki seminars?

  • Anyone who understand the principles and can comply with the regulations can join the seminar.

Q: Will there be any support for Jikiden Reiki practitioners/students?

  • We hold monthly praciticing event.
  • We hold review seminar and Reiki Exchange Ceremony every three months to six months.
  • Jikiden Reiki teachers and assistant teachers are closely held, they support each other and the students taught by other Jikiden Reiki teachers (this also applies globally, students will receive their ‘purple card’ and that is recognised by all Jikiden Reiki teachers. When we hold meetings and Reiki Exchange Ceremony for Jikiden Reiki practitioners,  we welcome all those are taught by other Jikiden Reiki teachers around the world.


1. 我曾看過書本說日本並無靈氣繼承人。

  • 的而且確是有的, 山口忠夫老師便已應用靈氣超過三十五年之久,他的母親則已運用靈氣達六十五年之久。

2. 為何開始傳授直傳靈氣?

  • 一些在日本的西方靈氣導師提議山口忠夫老師這樣做。他們想老師把靈氣,從日本 – 靈氣的發源地 – 宣揚開去。有見及此,忠夫老師及他母親決定盡量依照Hayashi老師的課堂去開辦直傳靈氣課堂。

3. 直傳靈氣與西方靈氣有何不同?

  • 忠夫老師相信今時今日在世界廣泛流傳的靈氣是在當時是經過很大的改革才流傳入西方社會。老師並是不指西方靈氣是錯誤或無效,只是他被催促去傳揚最原本,有效治療身體上問題及背後有重大意義的靈氣。
  • 由於直傳靈氣所傳授的和西方授傳的內容有所分別,所以並不在此比較。
  • 所有直傳靈氣師範和師範格必須重覆上課,而所有師範均是由山口忠夫老師 (直傳靈氣的創辦人)靈授,以求達至統一敎授方法 – 即是以臼井饔男(Usui)老師同林忠次郎老師所傳授的方法去傳授。
  • 直傳靈氣有敎導遙距治療,但並無遙距靈授 (灌頂)。
  • 直傳靈氣課程各地區的收費均是由總會所發指引。

4. 我是學習西方靈氣的,能否學習直傳靈氣?

  • 只要受者能遵守上課規則,和有適當理解能力,便可接受學習直傳靈氣。

5. 我們所給予直傳靈氣同學的支持包括:

  • 每月練習課堂 (study night / group practice)
  • 每三個月至半年會有靈氣交換儀式(師範給予直傳靈氣的練習者)和複習課堂
  • 直傳靈氣的師範及師範格是一個緊密的網絡,他們會互相支持由其他師範及師範格所學授的學生(這是全球性的,學生只要憑學生卡,其他師範及師範格便會承認其資格)。當我們舉行直傳靈氣的練習和靈氣交換儀式,我們所指的是所有接受過直傳靈氣靈授的朋友,所以亦會歡迎其他直傳靈氣師範及師範格所敎授的同學參與我們的活動。
  • 這些活動的收費,我們會以總會的指引收取適當費用。